Putlocker - The Ultimate Free Streaming Platform

After years of activity in the online streaming industry, it is finally time for Putlocker to stand in front of you with a few words that describe the best parts of our website and the reasons why you should keep visit us everyday as you already did. First of all, we wanted to say thank you to all the people who supported Putlocker in the past years because we've been through lots of problems and we couldn't make it out without your support. For those who are new here, Putlocker is a free streaming website that has been launched almost a decade ago and it has been continuously working to provide the visitors with the best movies and series available in the highest quality possible even if we sometimes had to struggle a lot to achieve this. We are a bit selfish today and we are going to talk more about our website than about other similar alternatives so that's why we've prepared the next list with the reasons why you should choose Putlocker as your main source of entertainment.
Trusted by millions - In many years of activity, we never disappointed our users, especially when it comes to content or safety. We kept publishing new movies and tv shows everyday for the past years to make sure everyone can find something new to watch here whenever they want. In the same time, while other streaming websites infected their user's devices deliberately or by mistake, we always paid attention to the security of our website and files so we don't expose our users to any risks. As many people from all around the world can confirm, Putlocker is a completely safe and trusted website.
Lots of good movies - Putlocker is an online streaming website so, obviously, the content is the most important and, as you heard in many places, content is still the king, besides the optimization of the website, design, user experience and so on. Even if we didn't neglected other factors like the design and experience, we have to admit that we've been more focused on the content because we want to be sure that we offer our visitors the highest quality movies and series and also a wide variety of genres and years. Currently, Putlocker's database includes more than 15.000 movies and 60.000 episodes.
Free without sign-up - There are many streaming websites that pretend to be free but then you are a few minutes into the movie and it suddenly stops, requiring you to either register or pay an amount of money to keep watching. We consider this to be something very bad for the user's overall experience and we don't want to bother our users with this kind of stuff. Putlocker has been a completely free streaming website ever since the beginning and it never required registration or credit cards. You can just visit our website anytime and watch all the content you like without creating an account or paying.
Mobile friendly - A few years ago everybody used to watch movies and series on a computer or laptop which was easier for us because initially all the websites were made to work only on this kind of devices. Today things have changed and more than half of our users are visiting Putlocker using mobile devices like smartphones or tablets, a thing that changed the way we do things. Fortunately, we managed to optimize our website and all our files to work perfectly fine and smooth on any devices from laptops to smartphones to smart TVs. You can watch movies on Putlocker using any device you like.
Daily new episodes - Many of you are big fans of the tv shows and you like to keep watching the newest episodes everyday. We have created a special section on our website that's dedicated for the new episodes from your favorite tv shows. Everyday, our team is working to keep the website updated with the latest episodes from tens of tv shows to make sure all of you have something fresh to watch the next day. Besides the tv shows, we are also updating our collection with brand new movies daily so the variety in our database gets bigger and bigger and we are happy to offer the visitors a good experience on our platform.